Welcome to the realm of Merik, sealed away long ago by powers far more ancient and powerful then the gods themselves. Here you will find danger at every turn and suprises in every adventure, as a deadly war centuries old reignites. Will you join the forces of good as they rally behind the banner of Glaydr Stormcrown or will you give into the depravity of the lich Dissidium and his dreaded Knights of Aether? The choice is yours, after all this this your tale.

The world was formed nearly a milenia ago by a ancient being known as Tharizdun, who in turn created the first god’s to serve as guardians of his realm. After a couple thousand years Tharizdun went insane with power and attempted to reforge the world in his new and twisted image. All of the gods united and with the help of the four elemental princes, bound Tharizdun in a prision plane to remain for all eternity. Peace ruled for a number of years before a group known as the Knights of Aether launched a all out invasion of the world. The continents of Glyde and Aieslin fell swiftly to the Knights until all the free people united with the elves of the Silver Coast and drove the Knights back. Until now, when a powerful lich named Dissidium took command and renewed the war, the boundaries that seperated the 3 lands now seemed weak and fragile and the world is slowly descending into darkness. What will be its outcome? That has yet to be determined, the call has gone out, will you answer it?

The Breaking of the Bindings